Saturday, February 5, 2011

Festival Sukan Kombat UPSI 2011

I just arrived back from Tanjung Malim where we covered the 3-day tournament. Thank you so much to the organizing team for the fabulous hospitality and thumbs up for making such event a success. For the time being I am going to get a must needed rest before processing the shots we took there.

More will be released starting tomorrow. Or the day after.


  1. xde pun lgi pic kami (teakwando upsi)...hehehehe
    lom upload lgi ek....

  2. thnk..
    klo leh letk la bnyk2 kit pic nye..huhu
    pe2 pon pic2 nie mmg smart gilew...eheheh

  3. Nanti saya up secara berperingkat lepas foto diproses. Jangkaannya malam ni boleh up first batch.

  4. btul2..msti c0mel2 kan..
    tq abg amir..

  5. ai dani tumbuk mana 2..kanan ckit bru dpt point he3