Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 2 Tanding is up!

We have added a new album to house another 95 photos from the evening game in the second day. View the clashes in the opening day of silat olahraga. More action, more drama and more fighters!

Go to the gallery:

Go to the album:

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Crucial Gallery is Open!

The first batch of 35 most spectacular photographs taken during Taming Sari III was uploaded to the Crucial Gallery. These photos were thoroughly selected and went through a more refined editing process to bring out the best in them. Impacts, griefs, decisive moments and the show highlights are the ingredients required to be in this group. These are unlike most images you have seen from silat tournaments. These are Crucial Gallery images.

Direct link to the gallery:

More photos will be added to the Crucial Gallery in the next few days as the first batch covers only the first 2 days of the tournament. Crucial Imageworks is proud to bring you this.

PP: I was away outstationed, hence the delay of this gallery being launched. Otherwise I planned to have it up on Tuesday.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 2: Silat Seni is in the gallery

Another 256 photos from the second day are in the gallery just now. We planned to have it launched in the afternoon but was delayed due to some hiccups with the encoding software. Our IT team has done a swift job to ensure we have it here tonight.

This second batch of photos covers the rest of the Seni tournament. We will continue with Silat Olahraga tomorrow. Let your friends know if their photos might be here.

Click here to browse the gallery:

Here are some of the highlights from this album.

This basically rounds up the photos from Silat Seni except several selected shots which we will put in the Crucial Gallery. These are photos of exceptional quality hence deserve to be separately recognized.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Taming Sari Online Gallery Day 1

Selected photos taken from the first day (night, to be precise) of Taming Sari 3 have been uploaded to our gallery! It is my pleasure to invite you for a view 140 photos, most of them have never been published either printed or on Facebook. Follow this link and click on Day 1 folder. Photos from subsequent days will be uploaded in the next coming days.

Click at the images to go to the gallery.

The huge watermark is necessary to protect our IP. We put it at low opacity so it won't ruin your handsome image that much.

Final day photos

I am going to launch the online gallery in a few hours starting with 140 photos taken on the first day (night, to be precise). While waiting for some final tunings, I will post some shots taken on the last day of the tournament.

Do check this page soon as your previously unpublished photos might be here!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Festival Sukan Kombat UPSI: 3rd-5th February 2011

Coming up in a week is the combat sports tournament in UPSI. If you have a ready team, do contact Ms Wan Nurul Hidayu at 012599790 for event details. We were informed that the tournament now accepts inquiry from outside teams.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

More Photos from Taming Sari III

In a few days I will shift to this blog as the main host of the tournament photos. The Crucial Imagaworks facebook will still host some as well as my personal FB. 30% of photo processing has been completed and I will put them here, or at least the link where you can view and put print order to hundreds of photos taken during the 6-day tournament.

If you have a blog, do add as a follower so you will be updated accordingly. If you have a facebook account, please add us so I can recognize you and tag the respective photos.

Should there are any of the photos show your face clearly and you find it offensive, please drop me a note via facebook message or email to and I will remove it from public view.

 We are already looking at several sports tournaments in the following months for this year. Nevertheless if you wish to have us at your event, kindly send an inquiry mail and we will look at sending our team there.

Monday, January 17, 2011


We enjoyed taking your photos during the tournament very much. We would like to thank all who visited our booth and purchased their photos. As the principal photographer and a former tournament contestant, what makes my day is to see the excited smile on the faces of those I touched with my art. I am glad that I can immortalize your crucial moments during the tournament, which otherwise would go unrecorded.

Some photographers who know me asked why the watermark on the photos I post on this blog and on my facebook is so small. The concern was that it could be digitally removed hence will put our intellectual property under threat. While removal of watermark, which is an unauthorized alteration, is an infringe of copyright, even not doing so still allows the image to be view without much distraction. Most can easily be used as facebook profile picture with just a few clicks. This is certainly not good for business since we are supposed to make some sales out of the prints!

Of course we are aware of this and still share the photos at low resolution so you may look back at your moments of  sadness and joy, frowns and smiles, pain and ecstacy, loss and triumphant. Now you can share this with your friends, family and loved ones. We will continue to provide this service as long as we have you as our valued clients and business partners. We sustain our operations by selling prints from high resolution copies, which you have seen the quality level at our display booth, also at a very reasonable rate.

Now, let's look at some more sample photos before we open the flood gate next week.

Stay tune for more updates from Taming Sari III photo team.


Amir Ridhwan 

Principle Photographer (Those telephoto bazookas make me look so cool.)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Taming Sari III UKM

Dear all,

I will upload the photos from tournament in 1-2 weeks. We took thousands of shots and I will need some time to select the best ones and edit them accordingly. Please visit this site regularly and I will post them once they are ready. Ordering steps will be advised soon for those who want to request prints.

On behalf of Crucial Imageworks, I would like to congratulate the organizer of Taming Sari III and all the participants for your cooperations. I hope you will enjoy looking at the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them. Due to certain limitation we didn't cover all the games (I met with a road accident during the tournament week and had to come late) but please look here later to see if your photo is included.

Some teasers from those we published at the counter:

I will get a few published in a few days time. It was nice meeting you all and hopefully we will meet again some day.


Amir Ridhwan

Principle Photographer (Yes, I was the one with the hat. No, I am not bald like the other guy.)