Tuesday, January 18, 2011

More Photos from Taming Sari III

In a few days I will shift to this blog as the main host of the tournament photos. The Crucial Imagaworks facebook will still host some as well as my personal FB. 30% of photo processing has been completed and I will put them here, or at least the link where you can view and put print order to hundreds of photos taken during the 6-day tournament.

If you have a blog, do add as a follower so you will be updated accordingly. If you have a facebook account, please add us so I can recognize you and tag the respective photos.

Should there are any of the photos show your face clearly and you find it offensive, please drop me a note via facebook message or email to amir.ridhwan@gmail.com and I will remove it from public view.

 We are already looking at several sports tournaments in the following months for this year. Nevertheless if you wish to have us at your event, kindly send an inquiry mail and we will look at sending our team there.

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