Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 2: Silat Seni is in the gallery

Another 256 photos from the second day are in the gallery just now. We planned to have it launched in the afternoon but was delayed due to some hiccups with the encoding software. Our IT team has done a swift job to ensure we have it here tonight.

This second batch of photos covers the rest of the Seni tournament. We will continue with Silat Olahraga tomorrow. Let your friends know if their photos might be here.

Click here to browse the gallery:

Here are some of the highlights from this album.

This basically rounds up the photos from Silat Seni except several selected shots which we will put in the Crucial Gallery. These are photos of exceptional quality hence deserve to be separately recognized.

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  1. Great! Congratulation to all! Keep it up!.. Silat forever!!!