Saturday, January 15, 2011

Taming Sari III UKM

Dear all,

I will upload the photos from tournament in 1-2 weeks. We took thousands of shots and I will need some time to select the best ones and edit them accordingly. Please visit this site regularly and I will post them once they are ready. Ordering steps will be advised soon for those who want to request prints.

On behalf of Crucial Imageworks, I would like to congratulate the organizer of Taming Sari III and all the participants for your cooperations. I hope you will enjoy looking at the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them. Due to certain limitation we didn't cover all the games (I met with a road accident during the tournament week and had to come late) but please look here later to see if your photo is included.

Some teasers from those we published at the counter:

I will get a few published in a few days time. It was nice meeting you all and hopefully we will meet again some day.


Amir Ridhwan

Principle Photographer (Yes, I was the one with the hat. No, I am not bald like the other guy.)

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